Pilates BARRE

Strengthen and Lengthen those limbs via a combination of ballet, pilates and yoga exercises completed at the barre and on the mat.

This class is set to build a sweat and make your muscles shake while incorporating interval training and isometric exercises. Suitable to all fitness abilities including medically cleared prenatal clients, however be prepared to sweat.


Pilates mat/barre fusion

Pilates Mat class suitable for advanced clients and those wanting a Cardio fuelled Pilates workout... focusing to advance your strength and cardio fitness while still continuing our "Quality over quantity" approach.


Gentle yoga/meditation

Suitable for all fitness levels, including Prenatal this class incorporates gentle vinyasa style poses through slow movement. Perfect for those new to yoga or wanting a gentle yet mindful class. All classes are completed with a deep restorative meditation.


A practice based on slow stretch and lengthening movements at your own pace suitable for all levels of fitness and experience. The class will nature your body, mind and soul helping you acknowledge how your body moves and feels throughout the practice while still giving your body a strengthening challenge. Class is completed with a well rewarded Savasana relaxation where you can completely disconnect and focus on your mindful state.


pilates/boxing fusion

This 45min class is set to get your heart rate pumping with the mix of HIIT, Pilates strengthening and Boxing Cardio moves. Suitable for clients with a medium to high fitness level. Not suitable for Prenatal.


K1ds space

Develop a sense of belonging and calm within your children, focusing on building self-confidence and the ability to switch off from external stresses on their everyday lifestyle. These classes are focussed on teaching your child how to feel confident in their own individual body by incorporating Yoga, Pilates, Meditation and fun games.

For class times please contact Chris

m: 0433 555 218 e: weloveyoursoul@outlook.com


Pilates mat

Total body workout based on classical Pilates techniques to strengthen and support your abdominal core.

Classes are suitable for all fitness levels with our instructors giving varied levels for each exercise to ensure that your body to supported and improved to support your day to day or sporting goals.

Prenatal Clients: Please contact the studio to find out whether this class is suitable for you.

yin yoga

If you love Savasana then your going to love Yin. We like to explain Yin as 60mins of pure relaxation, slowly moving through static postures holding poses for up to 5 mins then slowly moving to the next. Completed with a deep meditation to close the class. Bring your comfy clothes and be prepared to walk out very sleepy. Suitable for all fitness levels and prenatal.


A practice moving with the breath through a series of postures that focus on your balance, strength and flexibility. The class is based on your own ability and movement suitable for all levels of fitness and experience. Class is completed with a well rewarded Savasana relaxation where you can completely disconnect and focus on your mindful state.


Strengthing your beautiful bond between mumma and bubba this yoga practice specifically focuses on the restoration of the pelvic floor, abdominals, back and shoulders while incorporating your bundles of joy throughout the class. Being a parent is one of the most rewarding yet emotionally challenging roles you will have, so we’ve developed this class is to help you bond, accept and nourish yourself and your baby. To book this class please contact rachel@luminosityhealing.com.au



5 week Prenatal Yoga Program ran by a qualified Prenatal Yoga Teacher in a relaxed and friendly environment catering for expectant mumma's to be from the very start to the very end of your pregnancy. The 5 week program will involve a progressive yoga teaching style giving you exercises to practise throughout your week to help make your pregnancy as enjoyable and supportive as possible.